Flavorful ribbed pink tomato


Perfect for accompanying the most exquisite recipes, an ingredient of the Mediterranean diet that stands out for its excellence, present in every home. Infinite possibilities in the kitchen, always the most healthy and vital taste.


A taste experience that will shake the senses of tomato lovers


Indeterminate pink tomato, very vigorous, short internodes, early. High vigor and semi-open plant


Ribbed fruit with an intense pink color when it ripens, high quality, firm texture and long shelf life


Suitable for whole year crops, especially indicated in autumn, winter, and spring seasons

hrToMV, Va, Vd, Fol 0-1
irTYLCV, TSWV, Ma, Mi, Mj

Yuksel Seeds launches a new brand this year,  CASSAROSA®, which includes varieties such as Leroxy F1.

  • Pearly pink ribbed tomato.
  • Great flavor and deep aroma.
  • Firm and sweet flesh, with good acidity.
  • Multilocular.
  • High preservation.