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Are you ready to meet Yuksel Seeds's high quality and delicious products?

We are moving forward every day on this path we have embarked on with the mission of producing the most delicious and healthiest vegetable seeds. Our priority is to ensure consumer and producer satisfaction for a sustainable success.

While creating our breeding programmes, we examine the growing conditions of each region, producer demands and customer trends. Before we put our seeds on sale, we carry out trial productions under the growing conditions of each region. We evaluate the varieties we develop according to our quality criteria such as productivity, shelf life, healthy nutrition, disease resistance and customer demands. We only offer our customers varieties that meet Yuksel Tohum's superior quality standards.

Yuksel Seeds opens the doors of a world that full of flavour for you and your customers.

We will put the following on each product page;

Our most important quality and sustainability criteria;

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Flavour (aroma and texture)
  • Disease resistance and productivity
  • Long shelf life and functionality
  • Rich nutritional value
  • Innovative perspective

Our varieties