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Yuksel Seeds is a subsidiary of Yüksel Tohum, the biggest seed breeder specialist in Turkey. Yüksel Tohum is a family-owned company founded in 1990 which now harbors a profound expertise in the industry and is based in several countries around the world.

Since the very beginning we have warmly accompanied farmers by leading the market through innovation, following the trends of the consumers and developing new products that stand out and create value. 

As far as we are concerned, our priority is to cooperate with all the actors in the agroalimentary chain. We look for a co-innovation that allows us to identify market opportunities, develop new varieties and to improve the profitability of all the links of the chain.

As a result, we have been awarded with the “Seed Researcher Foundation Certificate” for being one of the most technologically advanced company. We grow our seeds under GSPP standard. Moreover, we have adapted our products to the change in trend that is globally happening and we have included organic seeds in all of our varieties.

Our company currently has 8 research and reproduction stations in different countries, so that we can provide seeds perfectly adapted to specific weather and land conditions. We meet the highest international quality standards by developing vegetable varieties that have high production, resistance and adaptability to environment and breeding methods.  

We are highly specialized in tomatoes with traditional flavor, especially CASSAROSA®, Marcus, Elcoulant, Sacher and 7 cherry varieties. These have contributed to our prestige among the producers and consumers around the world. 

In Yuksel Seeds we pull for a continuous improvement, specialization and guarantee. We have an international vision that is currently set in the market of Europe and America. 


Differentiation and added value. That is how we define what we do. We are pioneers in researching, developing and improving vegetable seeds, being the quality of these activities above the international standards. We offer solutions based on each weather, land and breeding method, with the aim of making the production process easier for global farmers.

Yüksel Tohum

Yüksel Tohum is one of the largest seed companies. We have a profound expertise in the industry and we are currently expanding across Europe.


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We have specialties in ribbed tomatoes, cherrys and cocktails.