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  • Cookie Policy (referred to in this cookies policy as “our website”) is operated by YUKSEL TOHUM TARIM SANAYI VE TICARET A.S (Antalya, Turkey) referred to in this cookies policy as “Yuksel Seeds”, “we”, “us”).

Like most other website owners, we use cookies to help provide the best experience we can for users of our website. We provide further information below about the cookies we use, their purpose, how to accept or reject and delete them from a device, links to our privacy policy and links to cookies policies and privacy policies of relevant third parties. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted when you use our website and that are stored on your computer, tablet, or other mobile device. In addition to the cookies transmitted by Yuksel Seeds, third parties may also set cookies through our website.

What kind of cookies does Yuksel Seeds use?

We use different types of cookies and similar technologies to make your visit to our website as easy and personal as possible. This gives you access to relevant information and enables you to share our content on social media. Below we explain the various types of cookies used.

Essential or functional cookies

These essential cookies are necessary for you to browse our website and use its features properly, including access to the secure sections of the website and to keep items in your shopping cart while you shop online. Information that has already been entered (e.g. username, language selection or the current location) is stored anonymously and is then already available when the website is visited again. These cookies result in a minimal invasion of privacy.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect user statistics to gain a better insight into the functioning of the website and enable us to further improve this website. For example, we analyze the traffic on our website and how visitors are using our features. The resulting statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individual people and therefore, analytical cookies result in a minimal invasion of privacy.

Tracking or marketing cookies

In some cases, we may use tracking or marketing cookies, that can track individual surfing behavior and create profiles. These cookies are set by advertising networks and other third parties, and enable us to: 

  • display personalized content based on your visit and browsing behavior on our website.
  • document your interactions with Yuksel Seeds.
  • measure the effectiveness of a campaign, and;
  • create a link with your profile and preferences.

Our Privacy and Cookie Statements do not apply to third-party websites which are linked with our website through hyperlinks and/or cookies or pixels. Since we have no control over how these third parties use cookies, we recommend that you also read the privacy and cookie statements regarding these third parties’ websites.

What can you consent to?

The first time you visit our website, you can allow cookies by clicking ‘Accept’ in the cookie banner. Essential and functional cookies are set automatically each time you visit our website. Other cookies, including analytical, tracking, or marketing cookies, are set only if you have given your consent.

Retention periods and deletion of cookies

Most cookies are stored for a specific period, i.e. they expire automatically after a specific date. You can also delete cookies prior to the end of the retention period by adjusting or clearing cookies through your browser settings. Please check your browser instructions for further information.

Final note

This Cookie Statement may be amended occasionally by Yuksel Seeds. If you would like more information about how Yuksel Seeds manages your personal data or about the privacy rights you can exercise, please check our Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, please contact us at


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This Cookie Statement was last updated on 11 April 2024.