Flavorful pink tomato

Discover our varieties in pink, with firm and sweet flesh.  Unique ribbed appearance, pearly pink color.  Very easy to differentiate. 

Our Cassarosa tomatoes have a sweet taste in perfect good balance acidity; a pearly pink color that gives it its own personality, an unmissable aroma that evokes the traditional tomato.  Hight resistance to pests and diseases and a characteristics ribbed shape due to its exceptional nature.


Cultivation Characteristics

Suitable for all year-round cultivation, especially suitable for the autumn, winter and spring seasons.

Indeterminate pink tomato, very vigorous, short internode, early.

Plants with a high vigor of semi-open bearing. Suitable for long growing cycles, with transplants from August to September in autumn cycles.  

Fruits Characteristics

Fruit of intense pink color when reaching the maturity, attractive and firm texture.

Slightly ribbed and flattened, of excellent quality and long life once harvested.

It is characterized by its flavor with an excellent balance between sweetness and acidity, with an outstanding high Brix content and G-GG size.

Multi-ocular fruits providing exceptional internal appearance.