Yuksel Seeds in China with a new Trial Station and a new key team for this country

The seed company, which already has a strong presence in much of the world, is now looking to consolidate its presence in the Asian market

Yuksel Seeds is an international seed company of Turkish origin with a consolidated track record in seed research and production. The company works on breeding varieties of tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, melon, and watermelon, among other crops. What characterises Yuksel Seeds above all else is the time and dedication it invests in each variety it markets, as evidenced by its significant investment in research and development. The company’s goal is to work every day on varieties that are best suited to greenhouse or outdoor cultivation to ensure flavour, differentiation, and productivity. The seed specialist also applies a co-creation model, working with different actors in the value chain.

Yuksel Seeds is currently present in more than 75 countries around the world, with up to 11 centres in key countries for the sector. Among its latest openings, special mention should be made of the Trial Station in Shouguang, China. This new station in China has 2.35 hectares, and one of its main functions will be to show growers the varieties developed with the latest technology and with great adaptability of Yuksel Seeds.

This new station is an expression of Yuksel Seeds’ approach to China, as these new facilities will allow Yuksel Seeds to be closer to Asian customers, thus improving communication with them and speeding up the company’s fast response to the new demands of this market.

Key members for new Yuksel Seeds in China team

Yazhou Zhang has been promoted to Sales Representative to North of China, Chunyuan Peng has been promoted to Sales Representative Southeast of China, Wenlei Ji has been promoted to Sales Representative to Southwest of China and Guangxin Li has been promoted to Farm Manager of Trail station to Shouguang of China. These promotions are a strategic step for the company to build a network of strong, calculated sales teams within this new market where the Turkish company wants to expand its presence.