The pink heirloom tomato CASSAROSA® awarded “SABOR DEL AÑO” 2022 in Spain

Spanish consumers recognise the unmistakable flavour and aroma so characteristic of CASSAROSA® tomatoes and it has been awarded the FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR 2022 seal

“SABOR DEL AÑO” is a prestigious quality seal, which every year rewards a series of products for their quality and flavour over the rest of the competitors we can find in the market. This selection is carried out through blind tastings, where 80 consumers taste different products from the same segment, under the same conditions and without identification. All under neutral conditions in which the consumer does not feel influenced and can really choose the product with the best quality and flavour.

For the first time, consumers have awarded CASSAROSA® the prestigious seal of “SABOR DEL AÑO“, standing out far above the competition in appearance and flavour. This tomato is characterised by its ribbed shape and its pearly pink colour, which give it its own personality, as well as standing out especially for its sweet flavour in perfect balance with its good acidity, always accompanied by its unmistakable aroma that evokes the most traditional tomato in the consumer’s mind.

We have been working for years to recover the traditional, fresh and aromatic flavour of the tomato, and also to make it a meaty, succulent, sweet bite with plenty of acidity, giving it a powerful aftertaste that invites you to repeat the experience. We wanted the consumer experience to be complete and we believe we have achieved this, while also providing a clear differentiation in the market, and this is what this Flavour of the Year award recognises”, says Fabio Andrés Coullet, Global Product Management Lead at Yuksel Seeds.

Cassarosa® “Sabor del Año” 2022

This award confirms that CASSAROSA® is the tomato that conquers all palates and meets the needs of all consumers looking for an authentic flavour. A product that will captivate you from the first sight and that will stir your senses with a flavour experience and a deep aroma. Its firm flesh and excellent shelf life make CASSAROSA® the ideal tomato to include in any recipe, providing a flavour and a touch of freshness that helps to highlight and make every meal unforgettable.